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    zenbug turned 4 today!  Seems like just yesterday!

    zenbug turned 4 today!  Seems like just yesterday!

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"john lennon" - http://tmblr.co/Z1mGBy1D0qLaF
i was going for something up-close and personal with this piece so i found a few pics and combined them as reference and worked from there. also wanted to keep the colour palate fairly simple so i started in black and white then added the orange and blue to the mix…a nice punch.
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    "john lennon" - http://tmblr.co/Z1mGBy1D0qLaF

    i was going for something up-close and personal with this piece so i found a few pics and combined them as reference and worked from there. also wanted to keep the colour palate fairly simple so i started in black and white then added the orange and blue to the mix…a nice punch.

    you can purchase a high quality poster print (in five different sized) directly from me here > http://goo.gl/aSYr1l


    pick up a giclée print from artist|rising here > http://goo.gl/zRVHUv

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    Black and White Animal Photographs by Lukas Holas

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    Song at my Funeral

    Not that it will be seen here and acted upon, but if there’s one song I would like to have played at my funeral it’s the Civil Twilight’s cover of Nirvana’s “Come as you are”.  Hauntingly beautiful.

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Mysty Kitty


    Mysty Kitty


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    God is a Concept by which
    we measure our pain
    I’ll say it again
    God is a Concept by which
    we measure our pain
    I don’t believe in magic
    I don’t believe in I-ching
    I don’t believe in Bible
    I don’t believe in Tarot
    I don’t believe in Hitler
    I don’t believe in Jesus
    I don’t believe in Kennedy
    I don’t believe in Buddha
    I don’t believe in Mantra
    I don’t believe in Gita
    I don’t believe in Yoga
    I don’t believe in Kings
    I don’t believe in Elvis
    I don’t believe in Zimmerman
    I don’t believe in Beatles
    I just believe in me…and that reality

    The dream is over
    What can I say?
    the Dream is Over
    I was the Dreamweaver
    But now I’m reborn
    I was the Walrus
    But now I’m John
    and so dear friends
    you’ll just have to carry on
    The Dream is over

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    “ It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop. ”

    - Wisdom of Confucius

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    Collected Images: The Fall & Others (circa 1970s) by ZenShadow

    Moment of Ecstasy

    Ah, Sweet Love, embrace me,
    For my heart lies bleeding
    In ecstasy of imagined emotions
    Laid bare before the virtues Of my Lover.
    Yes, the Wisdom of Lovers
    Who know all of Nature’s secrets
    In the mere touch of a hand,
    Or a sly glance, that bespeak
    More than words ever would.
    Enchanting ecstasy, bespeak of Love;
    For Love was with creation
    And is in me now.
    For is the Beauty of a Dawn
    More than of Twilight?


    Have pity on poor people
    That cannot see.
    For to see that you are
    Really very small
    And that Life will
    Go on without you
    Is the beginning
    Of understanding
    With Peace of Mind
    That exists above
    The worldly plane
    Of Tears and Pain.

    A Tear and a Smile

    Oh Life, my Love, is Tears
    That spills upon Life’s Cheek.
    A crystal tear, A fragile tear.
    Which seeks Death’s emptiness
    And reflects shimmering happiness
    In you and I.
    For see the beauty of Creation
    Happens now and forever
    In infinite array,
    And know the cradle of Man Is a Pearl,
    The Treasure of God.
    O Death, my Love, is a Smile
    That shines upon the Groveling Man
    Restoring faith in his Tortured Soul.
    Oh yes, my Love, be kind
    For Life Is but…
    A Tear and a Smile.


    A butterfly
    Flew softly
    Over my Windowless Mind.
    Only it’s Shadow
    Could I find
    Among Empty Memories…
    That became Fluttering Wings,
    And drifted away
    To thoughts of you…
    Forever and a day.


    Stare into a Pool of Tears
    That melt upon the Savage Years;
    For Life’s Sweet Song
    That knows no end
    And always, always
    Begins again.
    End upon your Summer’s Dream
    All the Love, or so it seems.
    End the Hate that Beats the Breast,
    Of which the Search is Man’s Request.
    Turn your eye’s
    To the Rising Dawn.
    Entranced with the Spell
    That Life has Drawn.
    A Curtain of Time
    That seeks no end,
    Only beginnings
    That somehow blend
    Into Infinity.

    Quicksand Dancer

    Slipping through the Sands of Time,
    Slowly melting into Liquid Dust.
    Shuffling motions with Feet of Clay,
    As my eyes begin to rust,
    Once again you start to play
    The sad, sad song
    Of a Quicksand Dancer.
    Yes, I am a Quicksand Dancer,
    Asking Questions without Answers.
    Dancing upon this Marshy Glade
    To a Tune of Life that slowly fades…
    Without Security.
    Back into the Womb of my Mother
    Where I will seek to feel no other
    With Empty Memories.
    Desperately, I cling to the Vine of Life
    As it slowly rips my mind to shreds.
    Merciless, the Sand reclaims the Dead
    That cast the Shadows of their Hate…
    Tempting the Waters of their Fate…
    With the Sojourn Steps
    Of the next…
    Quicksand Dancer.


    You are the Mirror of my Soul,
    A laughing smile…
    A solemn tear.
    Casting Shadows of the Past
    Into the Myriad Shapes
    Of Future Reflections…
    That drift through my mind

    As I gaze upon you, my love,

    And feel the Presence

    Of your soul.

    Reflect upon me, my love,

    Reflect upon my Reflections.


    Lonely People, with Empty Dreams,
    Wearing the Battle Scars
    Of too little love.
    I’ve felt the Sun on my shoulders
    When Rain streaked my face.
    I’ve heard the Stars Sing!
    When the Night was Still.
    And I’ve smelt Roses
    While lying in the Gutters of Man.
    But Strangers pass my way
    Screaming to be heard
    Over the obscurity of Life.
    … Emotions
    … … Behind
    … … … Masks
    Living in a Cocoon
    Spun by the Threads of Loneliness
    That’s never seen the Light of Love,
    Only Melancholy Darkness
    Clouds their secret thoughts.


    I hear you crying softly in the night.
    Lady, you know I never cry…
    Even when I’m torn apart inside.
    You left me standing
    So, so alone
    And I’m without your love
    Now that I need it the most.
    The long, lonely beaches
    Down on the coast
    Whisper your name…
    Calling softly to my heart.
    Memories of you
    Bring a pain so sharp.
    Was it a dream I once had?
    A dream of love, I lost it.
    Is it a dream I’m dreaming?
    Living in a dream…
    Dying for a dream…
    Of yesterday.

    Eyes of Dust

    You’re a Pre-Fabricated Man,
    Living in a Dream World.
    Everything according to Plan;
    But who produced your Morals?
    You can’t be Me
    If you’re not Free
    From Life’s Misery.
    Maybe we’re all Plastic Lies
    In Someone’s Imagination;
    And perhaps you just live to die…
    But you can’t exceed expectations.
    You can’t see me with Eyes of Dust
    And you can’t feel free
    With a Soul of Rust.
    Sometimes I feel like a Puppet
    With Society pulling the Strings.
    Their Rules and Laws I Covet;
    And to the Insanity of Life I Cling.
    You can’t feel me
    With a Heart of Stone
    And your Mind’s not Free
    When You’re Alone.


    I’m only here to Observe,
    Wanderer within this Image World;
    Caught in Frames of Life
    Between Blinks of Staring Eyes.
    And even as the Fantasies pass,
    Regretfully wishing they would last,
    Forever and ever,
    But I’m only an Observer;
    Living on Borrowed Time.
    See it ain’t good to stare
    Inside yourself too long.
    For every Truth
    There’s one more Lie.
    But I know I’ve got to keep searching
    For a way of life that seems right to me.
    Until then I’m silently observing
    The faceless crowd that slowly bleeds
    Their insanity into the gutters of the city.
    Hope’s been replaced by tomorrow’s pity.
    Maybe one day my time will come,
    The dream will fade and love will be.
    But until then I watch and see
    The hate in the madman’s eyes.
    The tears between wordless whys.
    Always deafened by humanities lies
    Telling us to ignore the pain
    Pounding deep within shredded brains.
    While my brothers turn and walk away.


    Wherein does the Mind of Man
    Perceive itself to be?
    The soul, a wispy, fleeting image
    Silent shadows, wind in the trees.
    As a flower in the desert.
    Pain through the years
    Of smiles and tears.
    Behold the dream!
    The dream is gone.
    Riddles of the Sphinx.
    Nothing more.
    Answer me you prophets
    Of Armageddon’s doom,
    Whence did the shout
    That scatter the Nations die?
    Was ever The Truth a Lie
    That you came to believe
    After forgetting why?
    Silence is the Heaven
    For Dust and Bones.
    The Kiss of Death
    Your perfect peace.
    Nothing More.
    Mirage of Mirrors in a Haze.
    Dandelion wine, Fountain of Youth.
    Clock goes Tick Tock,
    Rattles the Devil’s Chains.
    Dragging into a Sea of Senility
    The crippled old men
    Who’ve seen their death
    A thousand times.
    They turn blind eyes
    Into Mother Night.
    What is Time?
    Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Five A.D.
    Nothing More.


    Gonna lay down my life again;
    Find out what’s going down.
    And the pain;
    It hides inside too often,
    'Till I'm searching for a way
    Out of this hole.
    Gotta find me some answers,
    Leave my spirit in the wake
    Of the flood.
    Leave me, leave me alone,
    Silent shadows through the trees,
    Chase the sunlight.
    Never knowing what it’s like to be free.
    You know, you know the emptiness;
    It clings around you
    Like memories that died today.
    "Read ‘em and weep"
    Little children of the dealer.
    Tell me the reason
    To go on believing
    In a God that keeps on hiding.
    "Ace of Spades"
    You’re dead.


    If all your dreams were dust;
    Where would you be?
    Should you fall asleep tonight;
    And not wake up,
    What would you see?
    Do you think?
    Emotions are feelings;
    Can you feel?
    If I loved you;
    Would you love me too?
    A vision of life
    Is a necessary condition Of death.
    Will you die?
    And if this existence
    Should pass into
    The end of eternal Time;
    Mountains melt into the seas,
    Stars not fade away!
    Could I give to you my heart
    To begin the new day?


    There once was a time
    When I dreamed of faraway places
    Where the sun never shines
    Upon misguided martyrs,
    And passing fantasies,
    Their courses pursued.
    No more.
    Those days are gone.
    Now I know the truth
    Of life in a lonely room,
    Exploring the cheap thrills Of television.
    Alone. I’m forever alone.
    Through nights without you,
    Though I hardly know you,
    You’re a part of me.
    Only a forgotten memory.
    Future days, lonely nights,
    Starlight come dance with me.
    Smear my ego across the void of space
    And let me dream of faraway places
    Once again. Dream everwhen.
    I’ve never seen the light,
    Just shadows of your mind.
    But I really don’t mind
    'Cause somewhere, somehow You exist.
    Will it be love or death I kiss?
    We’ve missed?
    Pry into my life,
    Secrets are there to find.
    Scatter my ego
    Through the distant stars,
    Let fear pound through my veins.
    I’m afraid,
    Even when I know you’re there.
    Only mirrors reflect my fear.
    And all my life’s
    Just an Evensong,
    I’m here, but now I’m gone.
    In time I’ll lose my pride,
    One day I’ll dream again
    Of the distant places in my mind.
    Silence is the melody
    For Evensong.
    Sing it when you’re down.

    Mood for a Day

    Black holes, sinking down.
    Close to the edge;
    Heaven bound.
    Did you see the madman’s eyes?
    Haunted shadows.
    Whisper lies.
    Emptiness in knowing no-one
    Thought of you today.
    Memories stripped by pain,
    Over the edge, you’re insane.
    Someone bent your head
    With pretzel logic,
    Skins to shed.
    Turn blind eyes into Mother Night,
    Let the universe say it’s all right.
    All right, it’s all right…
    Soothe me stars, I’m uptight.
    Loved them, laugh at me;
    Need them, can’t you see?


    When your world is slowly falling down
    Do you need someone to turn you around?
    Turn, turn to me
    I’ll be there.
    Turn, turn to me
    I really care.
    When everything’s wrong
    And no-one understands,
    Don’t be afraid of my song.
    Let it go
    Set it free.
    Sing your song
    Sing to me.
    Somewhere on this crazy island
    Is a love you’ve never known.
    Now you’re alone softly crying.
    Someone who needs
    Someone who feels
    Someone who sees
    Can’t find you.
    Now as we speed a little faster
    Through the stars…

    Destiny’s Child

    Time was when everything
    Was going right;
    Gotta get back to those times
    Once again, gotta know
    Who’s my friend.
    I’ve let you carry me on
    Too long now, and there’s
    A hole in my destiny…
    Between the sunshine
    And the icicles;
    You came and then you left.
    When I need the sun’s heat
    To warm my aching bones,
    I needed you.
    Now it appears a long time
    Between us, a lifetime shared
    Without that warmth
    Of summer love.
    Gonna get back, without you,
    Back to those times
    When the Sun burned bright.
    Gotta fill that hole in my destiny,
    Gotta be free.

    You (Baby Blues)

    So hard growing up
    When it’s all coming down
    Around you, without you.
    Don’t make a sound
    To disturb the chaos
    Around you, without you.
    Give up chasing reasons
    For changing seasons
    Around you, without you.
    The world will still go on
    With or without you
    Around you, without you.
    Without you the sun still shines
    Shine on my son
    Around you, without you.
    Magical mystery tours
    Will still be here tomorrow
    Around you, without you.
    Listen to the voice within
    Unknown child of mine
    Around you, within you.


    Raw are the wounds
    You left behind In my soul
    (That nobody knows).
    Shallow is the sound
    Of the dead winter
    Wind in the trees
    (That nobody sees).
    Dead is the night
    And lonely the dreams
    I’ve awoke in fear
    (That nobody hears).
    Wrongs become right
    In a world turned
    (Did someone shout)?
    Dedicated: Nobody in particular

    Long Time Gone

    Oh baby, you’ve been a long time gone,
    'Till I can't find the reasons
    For wanting you anymore.
    And it seems like only yesterday
    That I sang to you my love songs.
    But it was a long, long time ago
    When we shared the changing seasons
    Never knowing what we waited for.
    Yes, you’ve been a long time gone;
    I hope someday you’ll realize
    The love we shared wasn’t wrong.
    It’s a shame we took
    The time to wonder why;
    I wonder why?
    Maybe someday you’ll give up
    Chasing shadows across the lonely sky.
    Then I know you’re gonna come on home
    'Cause, baby, you've been a long time gone.
    God, you’ve been gone too long.

    Tiny Dancer

    Sleek as a cat softly purring
    Soft sounds
    Of forgotten summers,
    Curled lazily beside
    The warm hearth’s fire
    In my mind.
    If it should come to pass
    That they should ask
    For my memories
    Or dreams of you
    Somehow be left behind,
    What could I tell them?
    Beauty in motion,
    Play my emotions
    To the tune
    She’s softly humming.
    A song of life she’s led
    Tiny dancer, in my head.
    I watch you,
    Smooth and slender,
    Yearning for the music you hear
    When only silence is near.
    Still, it’s nice to see
    A smile dance upon you lips.
    Tiny dancer, set me free
    To leave footprints in the sand.
    Tiny dancer, in my head.

    Give It Away

    What would you have of me, little one?
    I’d love to give you my dreams,
    But it’s no deposit, no return.
    I’d love to give you my everything,
    But it’s harder still to learn.
    All I can give is love, my love.
    Though I know it’s not enough,
    Use it freely, bring it on back
    When you’re done.
    (I hope you can use some.)
    What would you have of me, little one?
    I’d love to give you my memories
    But, just now they’re a little hazy.
    I would if I could, I’m just lazy.
    And, surely, I’d give you tomorrow.
    Funny, seems I’m stuck in yesterday.
    So, take my love, I’ll take yours
    Build dreams of castles in the air,
    Slip into magical mystery tours
    Then have of me, my love, I’ll share.


    Yesterday was my birthday
    Hung one more year on the line.
    Twenty-one and I ain’t got a dime.
    But I ain’t worrying
    And I ain’t hurrying,
    I’m having a good time,
    Looking for a nice rhyme
    To put in my little book
    And take a second look
    When I’m feeling down
    Feeling old, just twenty-one
    I’ve been around,
    Lord, I’ve shed a few tears.
    Kicked it around some,
    Listen to what Simon says
    Still crazy after all these years.


    Inspirations a funny thing,
    Pleasure slayed, depressed.
    Watching wild geese on the wing,
    Imagination cries, impressed.
    Memories still linger
    Across the painted sun,
    Nerves twitching like a finger
    On the trigger of a gun.
    Aftertones shadow upon Life’s lies
    Yesterday left suddenly
    Transgress a bridge of sighs.
    Sweet Sympathy
    Please lead me
    To exotic Fantasia.
    Mother Misery
    Their silent eyes
    Burning to praise you.
    Sweet Misery
    Mother Sympathy
    Imagination sighs.

    All American

    She waits by the window
    Wearing a frown
    Everyday taking longer
    Till the sun goes down
    Just an All American girl
    In an All American town
    Living her life
    From stale memories
    She’s found.
    Yearbooks and photographs
    In her graduation year
    Collect dust in the attic
    Till reunion is near
    When she silently remembers
    Her High School cheers
    Lonely All American cheerleader
    Hooray! Hooray!
    Lead us to victory
    When the band starts to play.
    Now the dreams have all faded
    As the stars begin to sing,
    She returns to the window
    Awaiting what night will bring
    Loneliness and emptiness
    Melt within her tears
    Come on All American has-been
    Give us a cheer.


    He’s a lonely young man
    Fresh from the war.
    And the enemy still watches;
    His wounds still sore.
    The jungle haunts him
    In the shadows
    Of this room,
    Vietcong lie waiting
    Hidden in the gloom.
    Oh, Veteran!
    No one told you
    The war is over.
    Poor Veteran,
    Celebrate your madness
    Drink yourself sober.
    Johnny get your gun,
    Dream of tainted glory
    Kill some mother’s son.
    But there’s no need to worry
    For only cowards run.
    Everyone knows heroes never die
    Ours is not to reason,
    Never asking why?

    Lady Blues

    Stay Lady,
    You’ve nothing left to lose.
    You’re still singing the blues.
    Stay awhile
    I’ll make you smile
    Maybe oneday
    You’ll find your style
    Until then, Lady,
    Please stay awhile.
    Baby,who brought you down?
    Lady, Life is just a merry-go-round.
    So stay around
    'Cause I found
    Someone who brought me
    Back to the ground
    Oh, baby, please stay around.

    Aye, and Gomorra

    In silence, final and eternal
    The world greets another dawn,
    A burnt shell, crucible and tomb
    For these gray ashes of Man.
    Nothing remains, save rocks and wind,
    None left to begin again,
    Only death, guardian of dreams,
    Console the stars, in agony, screams
    Echoes of a billion souls
    This cold wind blows
    Across an endless sea,
    Their voice pleads
    Nay, revenge escapes those innocent
    Of no crime save for living on that day
    The World shook upon her mortar.
    Legend returned, while martyrs burned
    Within the shadow of Sodom,
    Aye, and Gomorra.
    A cry from the depths of destruction rises,
    This spark alighted, in passage, pray “Mercy”.


    You, as the peace from my soul finds home,
    This love emerged from fears and dreams
    I had as a cold wind howling inside.
    Blessed relief;
    This night sings your heart.
    Our song is the stillness
    Borne of the music
    We, alone, hear.
    Carried upon the soft billows,
    Gently in violence
    We unite.
    As wind upon the water.

    Future Games

    We stand together as one
    Amidst the winds of change.
    You and I, this song of love
    Will never be the same.
    In our own special way
    We quietly play our future games.
    My lady, mon cheri l’amour
    The love I live my whole life for,
    I love you, I honestly love you.
    Every moment just a little more.
    You touched, my heart slain,
    In beautiful worlds of future games.
    Time enough for love,
    We seek a dream to call our own.
    As a mountain needs her stones
    And night in winter years
    Feels the summer sun warm her bones,
    For all it is the same…
    Each reflecting future games.


    In my room I have a window
    To look out and see the world turn
    As the sun’s warmth settles in
    I watch the pictures of the past
    Projecting shadows of the future
    Upon the glass window of now.
    And the window is my mind
    This room, my body’s space,
    The world turns my life’s story.
    From within, the sun and soul, one.
    Sometimes shining, sometimes clouded.
    Beyond it all, the universe
    Reflects my fears and dreams.

    Eulogy for the Sixties

    Imagine us, trying to change the world!
    As if anything can be done.
    It’s all the same, nothing won.
    Where we’re going, I hardly know
    It certainly wasn’t like this before.
    What happened to the love we believed in?
    God help us, here comes another war.
    Complete with hate, killin’ and bleedin’
    If it’s all the same, I guess I’ll be leavin’
    Nobody’s around to mind the store.
    It certainly wasn’t like this before.
    Before we knew it, the change begun
    People gettin’ tired of fightin’ and guns
    Making some sense, talking civil rights
    Caught all those politicians unawares
    Gonna begin again, gonna do it right.
    We survived Nixon and Vietnam
    Deeper shadows of other wrongs
    Filtered through the lies we were told
    No one bought the story they sold
    They scarred the nation with their sham.
    So, God bless the 60’s,
    Rock ‘n Roll, Love and Hippies.
    They’re long gone now
    We aren’t the same anymore
    It certainly wasn’t like this before.


    If it’s all the same to you, my friend
    I’ll cross over the Stream of Time.
    On another day, another world away
    Somehow we remain satisfied.
    Got to keep on movin’
    Don’t think of losin’
    Wasted on the Treadmill of Life.
    I’m out here in the meadows
    Away from all the glass and plastic.
    Giving up on concrete castles,
    With all those power hassles
    And a man can do better
    Than just survive.
    There’s a window that I’ve looked through,
    Showing a glimpse of the other side.
    Oneday I’ll be leaving,
    Towards a promise…
    Stepping off the Treadmill Slide.

    Barstool Blues

    In a smoke filled room
    You sit and watch
    A thousand stories unfold.
    But they’re all the same,
    Just another game,
    It’s those barstool blues again.
    The music filters through
    Your beer soaked brain
    And everyone holds their smile…
    Only their eyes reflect the pain
    Ain’t it such a shame,
    It’s those barstool blues again.
    There’s a girl over there,
    All alone.
    Strike up a conversation
    About returning home.
    Now you’re on your way
    All you’ve got to say
    It’s those barstool blues again.

    Indian Summer

    Leaves turning golden brown beneath the autumn skies
    Of eternal Indian Summer.
    Wind whispers soft, sweet sounds
    With trees, in harmony, sighs
    The music of Indian Summer.
    Memories of love I’ve found
    Knowing when she cries
    Always upon those Indian Summers.

    Untitled Stone

    Give the space your place
    Let him the world to play
    With strings guiding nimble fingers
    Searching, ever searching.
    In the hope of new horizons,
    Changing, never changing.


    Have you ever stopped and asked
    A stranger the time of day?
    And he answered, “The time is near”…
    Your eyes locked to the clock
    Combating the desire to reach, to touch.
    Sandcastles in the wind,
    Born to sin.
    This voice of the damned
    Shouting to be heard
    Over the wingbeats of an Angel.
    With paralyzed mind, he replied…

    The Fall

    Soon, brother, the Winter arrives
    When the laws of nature command
    That the fittest shall survive.
    It shall come to pass
    This age cannot last
    The Fall is surely upon us.
    See brother, feel the cold wind
    That heralds the coming end
    Of Man’s greatest glory
    (A sad and tragic story)
    Awake, summer’s nearly over
    And death’s around the corner.
    So, brother, take care, beware
    Of the cruel and the hungry
    Who scavenge in the night,
    Hidden from the light.
    A heart of stone awaits
    The savage winter.
    Dedicated: My Brothers


    You know, they say it’s all gonna
    Be comin’ down soon.
    Too soon.
    Lord, I hope you don’t have to
    Watch me die, I won’t watch you.
    Please hold me, I’m lonely
    From a forever time.
    Beyond this mellow haze
    One or two have dared to cross over.
    Crossed over.
    Helplessly hoping.
    Please, hold me.
    You’re lonely.
    While quietly spreading wings
    Search misty haze for freedom.
    Good lord, we belong
    To each other’s Imagination.
    All in a life.


    Silently watching while inwardly hoping
    To cross over the bridge of your fears,
    Only to find the years have gone dry
    From too many nights
    With only your tears.
    Now we dance.
    Dance at every chance.
    With the struggles for freedom, we dance.
    Until all your dreams fade to dust;
    Stay hungry, honey, let’s dance.
    O’ Come on children!
    Get your heads together.
    Carry on children
    The time has come
    To brave stormy weather.

    Always, Somehow

    Something’s missing somewhere.
    Somehow it’s just not right.
    I miss the peace of you.
    Can’t go on… must go on.
    Keep me strong, Lord.
    With the words come pain.
    We were the best of lovers
    Now, we’re the worst of friends.
    It’s over.
    The days grow shorter.
    No one said, ever said, “it’s easy”
    If only I could love me.
    It would be so easy to love you
    If you loved you.
    But something’s missing.
    Silence wears thin
    As crowds shred my nerves.
    Somehow, I’ll remember you.
    Always, somehow.

    Rich Man

    The world she loves a rich man,
    She really favors money, honey.
    All in favor of the rich man
    Raise your hands high,
    Reach for the sky
    Cause you’re being robbed by the rich, man.
    Everybody’s schemin’
    Tired of dreamin’
    And waitin’ for their ship
    To come home.
    The crow, she’s laughing
    At the scarecrow.
    Just like the sayin’ goes.
    The rich get richer
    And the poor stay poorer.
    If I had a say,
    They’d share the load.
    If I had my way,
    We’d all be lords.
    Everybody’s schemin’
    Tired of dreamin’
    And waitin’ for their ship
    To come home.

    Random Notes: 53

    When in America
    Do as an American does
    Living upon a billiard table
    Full of fellow 8 balls
    A nice truth arises
    We’re all afraid
    All aboard Planetship Terran.
    May you have peace
    And harmony
    Until your dying day.
    Thank you, Fellow spacemen.
    (Uh, fellow spacepersons)


    Today I felt the world
    Lifted from my shoulders.
    Revelations fill my mind.
    Clearer now, so much clearer now.
    Drivin’ me. Motivating me.
    Justifying what’s inside of me.
    Can’t you see?
    You’re a part of me.
    And the dreams we dream
    Somehow shelter three.
    You and me and we.
    That’s the way it’s gonna be.
    Yesterday, run away from me!
    Today, I’m feeling lonely
    And Tomorrow is just ahead of me.
    Gonna be where I want to be,
    Come and see…
    Fly high over me,
    Poetry, just poetry.


    With the voices of thousands
    Burning upon swollen tongue
    A Pen! Savage spasms
    Over paper to capture
    Lost moments.
    No one cares.
    Do you? I do.
    (Once in a while)
    Anyway, the music is nice
    Even if the rest of this sucks.
    Wait a minute…
    What’s on the tube?

    Turn Around

    Turn around, go back down
    You’ve got to let your feelings out.
    You’ve got to turn around.
    Sometimes it hurts to be alive
    With the morning light shining
    In your eyes, it’s still good to be alive.
    Turn around and find the feelings inside.
    Times were hard and rough
    Looking for answers to love
    We sure got turned around
    We sure got hurt looking around.
    Dreams come and dreams go
    Everyday a new day’s dream
    Everyday a brand new show.
    Come on, Love, turn around
    Get back on down, let go!

    Hold On

    If you feel you’ve got nothing to hide
    While the years keep drifting by,
    Don’t give in, hold on to anything.
    Even if there’s nowhere to go
    From the world’s carnival show,
    Don’t give in, hold on to anything.
    Hold on to your dreams.
    If everyday brings the same tomorrow’s
    And your heart is full of sorrows
    Don’t give in, hold on to anything.
    Remember the days of innocent love
    Let it carry you somehow above.
    Don’t give in, hold on to anything.
    Hold on for what it seems.


    Sometimes I can read you
    Like an open book
    Othertimes, you’re a mystery,
    Somehow, always eluding me
    You tangle all my thoughts Like ivy.
    You give me meaning
    You keep me dreaming
    We fit each other nicely
    Just holding on tightly
    You tangle my heart With ivy.

    Lovingly, Lightly

    With eyes aflame,
    Reflecting the silence
    Of the moment, A calmness found.
    Discovered fleetingly,
    Lovingly, lightly.
    Upon misty shorelines, Hovering…
    Distantly, just beyond the horizon,
    Echoes faintly, hauntingly.
    Ever so lightly, lovingly.
    Words, scarcely heard
    Over the orchestra of feelings
    Worlds enveloped, developed.
    Sudden light from darkness.
    The melody of time sanctioned
    Ever so lovingly, lightly.
    This moment I touched you
    Ever so lightly.
    As a fragile crystalline tear,
    You shattered into my arms
    Ever so lovingly.
    And the moment held eternity
    For two young lovers kissing…
    Ever so lovingly, lightly.

    The Challenge of Life (Part I)

    The Challenge of Life is to live it;
    With the wondrous urge to find
    Within every moment something new.
    The Challenge of Life is to love it;
    With each breath we take, to breathe it
    And to find in the breath something true.
    The Challenge of Life is the hope of us all
    To aspire to higher fortunes
    We search for new horizons,
    To honor ancient glories
    And the promise of the sea.
    Then the Challenge of Life holds true.
    The Challenge of Life
    This dream of life.
    The dead of life.
    This fact of life

    The Challenge of Life (Part II)

    I love you.
    But would you challenge me?
    I love you.
    Yes, I know.
    But would you challenge me?
    Yes, I would challenge you…
    I challenge you to live
    Each and every day
    With the dream of tomorrow
    For the hope of today.
    I challenge you to think of me
    When I’m not on your mind.
    I challenge you to remember.
    I challenge you to forget.
    I feel for you with all my heart
    The words get in the way
    Does it matter what I say?
    I said “I love you”
    And challenge you.
    Challenge me.
    Give love a chance.

    The Challenge of Life (Part III)

    The Challenge of Life is Death.
    The Secret of the Universe,
    Of man and God. Of Time.
    O’ Death, I challenge you!
    Whisper through the ages
    With tales of mighty wonders
    What worlds you have conquered.
    O’ Death, I have seen you.
    From close and far away.
    You stood, mocking,
    Waiting for your day.
    O’ Death, I love you.
    O’ Twin of Life, be kind.
    O’ God, come home, It’s time.

    All poems by ZenShadow circa 1970’s

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